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Announcements – Thursday, March 23rd 2023

Yearbooks are on sale now! You can order online through

Prom Shirts are on sale now! Order forms are in the office and money and form need to be turned back into the office by the end of the day tomorrow! 

Meetings Day will be tomorrow. Sign up list is posted on the bulletin board. 

A+ Juniors: You will have a meeting tomorrow on Meetings day. If you aren't sure you are in A+, there's a list on the bulletin board and also by Mrs. Lemings room. There are 26 of you enrolled! Seniors: Jostens will be here tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. to deliver cap and gowns and graduations products. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BALENCE PAID BEFORE YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR GRADUATION PRODUCTS. If you are unsure of your balance please come by the office. Jostens will not accept personal checks. You can pay with cash or money order when they come on Friday or you can pay with credit/debt card online. 

High School Beta Members your item for the Beta Bash is due tomorrow. 

Our Junior/Senior Prom will be April 15th at the Opera House in Kennett from 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. with Grand March in the HS Gym at 6:00 p.m. Sign up list is on the bulletin board. Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, April 12th. Students should make sure they fill out all columns on the sign up sheet. If you will be attending Grand March you should make sure that you fill out the "Grand March Information Paper" and if you are bringing a date from another school you should make sure that you fill out the "Out of District Guest Form" After Prom will take place at Hijinx in Jonesboro. Sign up list is on the bulletin board and permission form is on the brown table. Every student that will be attending After Prom will need a permission form. All forms for Prom festivities are due Wednesday, April 12th. 

Students who received "Advanced" on an EOC that they took last year will be dismissed tomorrow, Friday, March 24th and Tuesday, April 4th in recognition of their achievement. Students who received "Proficient" will be dismissed tomorrow, Friday, March 24th in recognition of their achievement. A list of students is posted on the bulletin board outside the office, advanced students are in purple and proficient students are green.

The following students need to report to the elementary tomorrow morning for backpacks, they are: Desirae Wyrick, Devin Kelley, Dylan Winchester, and Emma Bader. 

Our High School Softball team will play here today against Gideon and Delta C-7.

Our High School Baseball team will play here today against Gideon at 4:30 p.m.

FCCLA Members interested in running for an office next year, please see Mrs. Musgrave in-between classes. Also, FCCLA Members you need to sign up for lunch on Friday.  

"Spring Fever Spirit Week" in honor of 1 days left till Spring Break! 

Friday: "Fun Floral Friday" - wear your summer floral or bright summer color clothes. 

Name That Senior – Thursday, March 23rd 2023

Favorite Food: Sushi
Hobbies: Online Shopping, hanging with friends, and spending time with my boyfriend.
Favorite  TV Show: The Office
Song Title That Best Describes You: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
Favorite Teacher(s): Ms. Davis, Mrs. Rouse, and Mr. Howell 
Career you wish to have in 10 years: Nurse Anesthetist
Favorite Memory from years at HHS:  "Honestly, all my favorite memories involve Ashley Cruz. A few examples would be: her chugging Mountain Dew, tickling me, singing "Let It Go", crawling and barking like a dog, and randomly yelling at me by calling me "Loco". Those are just a few prime examples of how Ashley Cruz has made my years brighter at Holcomb High School." 


Special Announcement - Dress Code

September 9, 2022

Dear Holcomb 4th – 6th Grade Families,

At last night’s Holcomb R-III School Board meeting, the Board of Education asked that I clearly explain the expectations of the dress code to the 4th – 6th grade building.  This dress code was adopted during the July 14th board meeting.  Below you will find the Code of Dress that is published on page 26 of the Holcomb R-III School Handbook.



Student appearance should be such that it will not disrupt the educational process.  The responsibility of determining what constitutes a dress/appearance distraction rests within the administration and/or professional staff.  

1. Dress and grooming should be appropriate for the time, place, and purpose. 

2. Dress and grooming should meet basic social expectations of society and the local community. 

3. Dress and grooming should not create undue distraction. 

4. Caps, hats, hoods, visors can be worn outside. They are not to be worn inside the building except on activity days.  

5. Hair must be kept clean, neat, and from covering the eyes. 

6. Shorts and skirts must be at least as long as the student’s mid-thigh and free of holes above finger-tip length. A student wearing clothing deemed unacceptable will be given appropriate clothing provided by the school or may have appropriate clothing brought to school from home.  

7. Midriff, mesh garments, muscle shirts, shirts with cut-off sleeves (except during PE) or spaghetti strap shirts are not to be worn by students. Shirts must have at least a 2 inch sleeve. 

8. Pants must be worn around the waist with no underwear visible, and pants with holes must be deemed acceptable by teachers and principal. 

9. No piercing permitted that is disruptive to the learning environment or creates a safety hazard to the student or other students. No septics, eyebrow rings, or lip rings are permitted. The student may be required to remove such items while at school. Students may not have any jewelry, including earrings, tongue rings, or other such items during Physical Education. 

10. No pajama pants or house shoes 

11. Body fitting pants including, but not limited to, leggings, compression tights, and yoga pants can only be worn with a shirt that fully covers the backside. 

12. Clothing items which display alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex symbols, or violence by words, pictures, or symbols are inappropriate for school wear. 

The guidelines have been established in the matter of appropriate dress and appearance to provide for a student’s health and safety while attending school. Any student found to be in violation of these dress guidelines may be required to notify parents and make necessary changes. Repeat offenders may receive disciplinary action. 

We will begin enforcing this dress code on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.  The purpose behind this dress code enforcement is to help prepare our 4th – 6th grade students for their transition to the high school building.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Emily Heuring

Holcomb Elementary Principal 

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