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Junior High and High School Announcements


Announcements - Thursday, May 10th 2024


If you have not ordered your yearbook for the 2023-2024 school year they are still available to buy at or you can see Mrs Floyd. If you want them personalized you will need to see Mrs. Floyd for that. 


All students that are exempt will need to go to the Gym  today. Students that are taking finals will need to remain in class 


Mrs. Musgrave is cleaning stoves this week so if it smells weird in the hall that is why. 


Mr. Youngblood classes will need to go to Mrs. Lemings computer lab today. Do not go to the AG Shop.


Our High School Awards Ceremony will be tomorrow (5/9) at 7:00 p.m. in the HS Auditorium. *this is a time change* Ceremony will be invitation only, meaning students will receive an invitation if they are receiving an award and will be invited to come.


Our Junior High Awards ceremony will be Tuesday, May 14th at 10:00 a.m. in the HS Auditorium. 


Our Class of 2024 graduation ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 14th at 7:00 p.m. in the HS Gym Doors will open at 6:15 p.m. Just a friendly reminder that you must be in class the last 5 hours of the day in order to attend after school activities like graduation! 


Graduation practice will be held the morning of graduation at 8:00 a.m. - all seniors are expected to be there, be on time, and be wearing your cap and gowns and graduation attire. Picture order forms are outside the office, they are green.


CTA will be hosting their kickball tournament again this year on Wednesday, May 15th.  Be getting your teams together!  (Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors)  There will also be a concession stand during the games.  Sodas, water, chips, pickles, and sno cones will be sold.


Semester Final Information: 

1st through 4th hour finals - Thursday, May 9th 

5th Through 7th hour finals - Friday May 10th 


Students who are “exempt” from a class final do not have to be at school during the time period of that final. For example, if a student is exempt from all finals they would not be required to be at school on Thursday and Friday of that week. If a student is only exempt from certain hours, that student would be required to be at school during the hours they are not exempt. It is important for parents and students to discuss any exemptions from the finals. Teachers will tell students whether or not they are exempt from taking their final on Wednesday May 8th . Furthermore, once students are on campus, they will not be allowed to leave. Students who are exempt but remain on campus will report to the gym.

2024 - 2025 Class Officers 


Seniors - President: Zilliah Privett

Vice President: Chloe Hendrix

Secretary: Landon Smith

Treasurer: Gabby Ferguson

SGA reps: Emma Bader, Matthew Russom


Juniors - President: AJ Fisher

Vice President: Claire Bean

Secretary: Ayla Lawrence

Treasurer: Kadynce Allison

SGA reps: Ava Gurley, Landynn Hodges


Sophomores - President: Chloe Brown

Vice President: Savannah Duncan

Secretary: Keyleigh Love-Mullins

Treasurer: Bronxz Mercado

SGA reps: Khloe Furlow, Annie Lemings


Freshmen - President: Ayden Lindsey

SGA reps: Erick Aguirre, Jimena MG Elvira

(other positions unfilled - please consider running in the Fall)


8th Grade - President: Callen Danley

Treasurer: Delilah Finney

SGA rep: Giovanni Basaldua

(other positions unfilled - please consider running in the Fall)


7th Grade - President:  Lane Hodges

Vice President: Lilly McNabb

Secretary: Lindsey Herren

Treasurer: Millie Smith

SGA reps: Paisley Elliott, Sophia Elliott

Special Announcement - Dress Code

September 9, 2022

Dear Holcomb 4th – 6th Grade Families,

At last night’s Holcomb R-III School Board meeting, the Board of Education asked that I clearly explain the expectations of the dress code to the 4th – 6th grade building.  This dress code was adopted during the July 14th board meeting.  Below you will find the Code of Dress that is published on page 26 of the Holcomb R-III School Handbook.



Student appearance should be such that it will not disrupt the educational process.  The responsibility of determining what constitutes a dress/appearance distraction rests within the administration and/or professional staff.  

1. Dress and grooming should be appropriate for the time, place, and purpose. 

2. Dress and grooming should meet basic social expectations of society and the local community. 

3. Dress and grooming should not create undue distraction. 

4. Caps, hats, hoods, visors can be worn outside. They are not to be worn inside the building except on activity days.  

5. Hair must be kept clean, neat, and from covering the eyes. 

6. Shorts and skirts must be at least as long as the student’s mid-thigh and free of holes above finger-tip length. A student wearing clothing deemed unacceptable will be given appropriate clothing provided by the school or may have appropriate clothing brought to school from home.  

7. Midriff, mesh garments, muscle shirts, shirts with cut-off sleeves (except during PE) or spaghetti strap shirts are not to be worn by students. Shirts must have at least a 2 inch sleeve. 

8. Pants must be worn around the waist with no underwear visible, and pants with holes must be deemed acceptable by teachers and principal. 

9. No piercing permitted that is disruptive to the learning environment or creates a safety hazard to the student or other students. No septics, eyebrow rings, or lip rings are permitted. The student may be required to remove such items while at school. Students may not have any jewelry, including earrings, tongue rings, or other such items during Physical Education. 

10. No pajama pants or house shoes 

11. Body fitting pants including, but not limited to, leggings, compression tights, and yoga pants can only be worn with a shirt that fully covers the backside. 

12. Clothing items which display alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex symbols, or violence by words, pictures, or symbols are inappropriate for school wear. 

The guidelines have been established in the matter of appropriate dress and appearance to provide for a student’s health and safety while attending school. Any student found to be in violation of these dress guidelines may be required to notify parents and make necessary changes. Repeat offenders may receive disciplinary action. 

We will begin enforcing this dress code on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.  The purpose behind this dress code enforcement is to help prepare our 4th – 6th grade students for their transition to the high school building.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Emily Heuring

Holcomb Elementary Principal 

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