Fall 2019

  1. Keep copies of your report cards.
  2. Keep a list of awards and honors you receive.
  3. Keep a list of school clubs and community organizations you are involved with and any offices you may hold.
  4. Learn how you study best! Do you need flashcards, highlighters, to read the material twice, read aloud, study with a peer tutor? Figure out your best method and stick with it. Good study habits will help prepare you for college.
  5. Start exploring possibly college majors for careers that interest you.
  6. Take college prep courses. Remember most universities/colleges require the following courses to meet their admission criteria:

4 years of English (English 1,2,3, and 4 or Dual Credit English Comp. I & II)

3-4 years of math (including Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, and Math Analysis)

3-4 years of science (Physical Science, Biology, and a lab course) (Lab courses available at HHS are Earth Science, Botany/Zoology, A/P, and Chemistry)

2 years of a foreign language (Spanish I and Spanish II)

3 years of social studies (American History, American Government, World Geography, World History, Dual Credit Psychology, Dual Credit Sociology)

1 year of a fine art (Art or Band)

7. Get good grades. Your high school transcript will follow you the rest of your life. The higher your GPA the more likely you will be accepted to the university/college of your choice.

8. Prepare for college tests. Consider taking the ACT or SAT during high school. Also, consider taking an ACT Prep course or completing the ACT prep materials on the ACT website. Remember you can take one ACT for free your junior year and your senior year as long as you qualify for our Free/Reduced Lunch program.

9. Be involved in activities. Colleges are looking for students who are involved in school and community service. They are also looking for students who have leadership abilities, unique experiences, and work experiences. Colleges want to see students engaged in meaningful activities - playing a sport, being in the band, working on the yearbook, volunteering at charity events. Quality is more important than quantity!

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